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Cross-Chain Intents
Settlement Layer
The future of interoperability is intents -- Across Settlement is the only production-ready, modular settlement layer for cross-chain intents.
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Cross-Chain Intents Settlement
Intents are cross-chain limit orders submitted to an RFQ system and fulfilled by relayers with their own capital. Settlement verifies fulfillment and repays relayers. Across’ maximally efficient and modular settlement system reduces cost to relayers, and ultimately, users.
Modular by design
Across Settlement can accept any intents-based order flow following a standard structure. It seamlessly enables any DEX or application with RFQ order flow to offer best-execution cross-chain swaps from the most competitive network of professional market markets.
aggregated and optimistic verification
Across verifies fulfillment optimistically. This enables aggregated, off-chain verification and repayment over a 1-2 hour period, amortizing this cost over thousands of orders, resulting in an order of magnitude gas savings vs. per-fill repayment.
Seamless cross-chain management
Repayment is made on the relayer's chain of choice, reducing overhead and complexity of managing cross-chain positions. Lower costs for relayers resulting in lower costs for users.
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Supported Chains
Ethereum Mainnet
Polygon Network
Arbitrum One
zkSync Era
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