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Cross-Chain Bridge Hooks To Fulfill User Intents
Bridge abstraction promotes user onboarding and bootstraps cross-chain capital by bundling bridge + protocol actions within dapps.
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Seamless Cross-chain Onboarding
Web2-Grade UX
Users want to use apps, not bridges. Across+ upgrades dapp UX by abstracting bridging to the background for a Web2-like experience.
Secure by Design
Most cross-chain messaging solutions increase trust assumptions vs. the chains they connect. Across+ actions are not cross-chain messages -- they are actions to execute when assets are delivered on the destination.
intents-based Architecture
Cross-chain intents are cross-chain limit orders plus a protocol action to execute on destination. Simply embed the intent order standard in protocol actions to create seamless cross-chain experiences.
Visit our documentation page to learn more about the benefits of integrating Across+.
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Use cases
Bootstrap Liquidity
Secure TVL and consolidate capital on your protocol's home chain using Across+. Bridge + LP bundled functions allow protocols to sidestep elaborate multichain deployments and pull capital rather than chase it.
key features
  • Seamlessly onboard cross-chain LPs with bridge + LP bundles
  • Bridge + LP + stake in a single user action
  • Consolidate liquidity by pulling liquidity to the protocol’s native chain(s)
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Supported Chains
Ethereum Mainnet
Polygon Network
Arbitrum One
zkSync Era
how they use across+
Integrated partners
integrated partner logo TeleOrdinal
TeleOrdinal has integrated Across+ to facilitate cross-chain bidding on Ordinals (Bitcoin NFTs). The feature allows users to participate in Ordinal auctions via TeleOrdinal using stablecoins from their desired chains.
"We chose Across+ to expand TeleOrdinal, our cross-chain Ordinals marketplace, to new EVMs for its fast and cost-effective bridging. The solution made integration remarkably straightforward, enabling seamless token transfers and cross-chain contract calls."
integrated partner profile Mahyar Daneshpajooh
Mahyar Daneshpajooh
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